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World Leader in Quality Fishing Tackle for the Whole Family, Making the Sport Available to all Members of Society No Matter What Disability they may Have. Made in the United States of America, Sold in the United States.  Some Products will be Manufactured in Australia for sale in that Country.

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RGM Technical Assist

RGM Technical Assist started life as The Step above Fishing Systems. It began with an idea for a friend who lost an arm in Korea. A gimbaled belt, rod and harness and we later added the fishing seat. Then puff and sip controls and special adapter for a scooter to install our seat for fishing from a disabled dock using a scooter. We added rod holders for wheel chairs using the gimbaled rod and holder concept. This all fell within the concept of fishing.


We added a full line of rods for the whole family including "glow in the dark".  Not only does it assist those with special eye problems but is a boon the the night fisherman.  We were so pleased  with the glow rods that we stopped making the regular line of rods.



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Our Glow Rod compared to normal rods night fishing



We Have combined all our catalogues into one because we are now promoting the complete line of fishing equipment for the whole family whatever their abilities are.

1.  RGM Technical Assist.  Equipment for the outdoors person who needs technical assistance for their normal living.

2.  We now only manufacture and market Fishing Equipment.  We no longer have playground equipment or the other lines.

2. ENVIO-WEIGHTS products for environmentally safe fishing.  Our weights, jigs, buzz baits and Spinner baits exceed the safety   requirement for use around children.

3. Products we sell from other manufacturers to compliment our product line.  Also some are sold as a service to our customers to assist them to have a superior outdoor line.

Effective August 1, 2015 we are rebuilding our website to reflect the changes in our company

August 1, 2015 We will be regularly updating the site.  Thank you for your patience.

Our product line sold through established dealers in the United States and Canada and a distributor in Australia and  includes our ENVIO-WEIGHTS LINE of environmentally safe terminal tackle.  We also sell a complete line of  Fishing Equipment for those individuals who need technical assistance along with a full line of equipment for the complete family to enjoy.We are also distributing other lines of tackle that we do not manufacture.  To learn more visit Our Catalogue

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Featuring American Made Products where possible.  Origin of all products listed on this website

We will label country of origin on all

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 Our research and development department is known as "The back 40" We have the best dealers in North America U.S. Dealers and Canadian Dealers






We service the complete family unit


Assistance in acquiring any equipment for the disabled UNDER constructon
Environmentally Safe Fishing Tackle


Adaptive Apparel for Those with Special Needs






Idea developed June 2005



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