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The Chest size is important. Also consideration should be taken in the size of the persons arms. Normally a given chest size will have enough adjustments for several inches over the shoulders and around the chest to compensate for weight changes. The harness is designed with a ring in the back so that a leash or tie down can be installed to help stabilize the individual using the system.

Many people who are paralyzed from the mid body down may fall forward when fighting a fish. They need some sort of stabilization and assistance to avoid injury. A caregiver should always be with them in outdoors sports.

RGM Number Description MSRP





Harness Sizes

The sizes on top are chest sizes.  For women measure below bust.

The bottom measurement is the harness size to order.  Example  youth chest size of 18 inches equals youth size 1


Youth Sizes

18 Inches

20 Inches

22 Inches

24 Inches

26 Inches

Youth Size 1

Youth Size 2

Youth Size 3

Youth Size 4

Youth Size 5


30 Inches

34 Inches

38 Inches

42 Inches

46 Inches

50 Inches

54 Inches

58 Inches



    Photo at right shows how our harness clip attaches to the spinning rod.

Leash is designed to clip onto the harness when the caregiver desires to assist the patient and for protections when close to water.

RGM Number Description MSRP
105.002.900 Leash




Below are some of our former systems to attach the harness to the equipment.

  On the left is displayed our electric reel and harness attachment.  The attachment is designed to secure the reel to the rod by assisting the reel feet and reel seat to be more stable.  Note the electric motor is unshrouded.

Left, RGM Item NO.105.001.620

See Information below


On the left you will see our attachment for a standard casting reel that is not equipped with ears for attaching the harness directly to the rod.

Left, RGM Item NO.105.001.6300

See Information below









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