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This is  our current seat.  We have designed and finished testing a new pair of seats that we will have on the market in early 2017


Type of seat fitting to correctly have the proper base on the seat. (Bass boat, Pontoon boat, River Jon, etc.)

Color Choices of Seat

50.101 Tan 50.104 Blue 50.107 Red/White
50.102 Black 50.105 White 50.108 Blue/White
50.103 Red 50.106 Black/White 50.109* National

* National Color is Red Back, Blue Seat, and White Arms

Information about seat, It is constructed of 3/8 in high carbon steel for strength and durability, the seat has an exposed plywood bottom so attachments can be added without destroying upholstery. These seats are certified to 350lbs with a 100 percent over weight breaking point. The boat will not take that pressure and weight.












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