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Reel 1  Part Number 110-001-01

Includes Zebco 808SW adapted to motor drive and the motor.  Also includes rodholder to bolt directly to rod.  This product is in process of updating and new picture will follow shortly.  This reel allows for power casting with the Bait Propel'r

 It will be powered from any 12 volt battery.   The reel is basically a Zebco 808 SW.  The motor turns at 32 rpm and the brake on the reel is set to allow a person moderate slippage for a larger fish. The unit has a safety switch controlled by the caregiver to totally shut down all electrical functions should the caregiver or fishing person feel there is a problem of any kind. Shown with all safety equipment and shrouds removed.





Reel 2 Part Number 110-001-11


Includes Okuma      casting reel adapted for motor drive and motor.  Also includes rodholder to be bolted directly to rod.  Pictures will be forthcoming.  This project is still in the hands of The Back Forty design and development.  January 1, 2017 expected deliveries.







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