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Our Standards listed below and job openings at bottom of page

Dress Code - All All hair properly trimmed, no tattoos showing, anywhere on body, no body piercing showing
Office Business casual for normal office functions.  There will be special days for dressing down.  No, shorts and no midriff showing
Plant No jewelry that may get caught and cause injury (we will never ask anyone to remove a wedding ring)  No loose clothing and no political or
  anti-American writings
IMPORTANT If you do not drive an American brand automobile or pickup, do not apply.  If you are hired and purchase a non-American brand of
  transportation, you will be terminated.
Hiring Priorities We have a priority of hiring based on openings. This includes the ability to perform the job.
  *Disabled American Veterans
  *Disabled individuals who are not veterans
  *Native Americans
  *Every one else
Other Employment We are putting in place a program to hire and train a limited number of former prisoners who are re-entering society.
Opportunities We are putting in place a program to hire and train the homeless when they want to enter the employed world.
Resume No more than one page, stating who you are and how to contact you.  List brand of transportation and highest education only
   List only your last 5 years of employment.  If you are in a wheel chair or have another physical disability this maybe your first job.
  If you do not have a high school education, you will be required to start working on GED.  No exceptions.
  Include a one paragraph hand written note in English why you want the job.   If not hand written, you will not be considered.
Language  If you are bilingual fine, English must be spoken on job.
   If you are a legal landed immigrant, and are in English classes, let us know, we will work with you to be proficient at on the job English.

We will post jobs  as they open.

Contact us and mail resumes to

4510 Shawnee Road This is a temporary office for resumes
St. Joseph, MO 64508  


  Vacation 1 week first year, 2 weeks year 2-10, 3 weeks thereafter
 Sick leave,  10 business days a year, not accumulated.
 Holidays  Jan. 1, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Native American Day (June 25), July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Friday
  Dec. 23 at noon plant shut down until Jan 2, following year  We will have a limited number of employees working during the
  shutdown time. They will receive compensated time on agreement to time with management.


Job Openings

October 1, 2017

4 individuals to for fishing rod manufacture positions.  Full company training provided.  Wheel chair compliant.  full or part time.






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