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Fishing (The Step above fishing Systems)

Sport Fishing, Sit Down System - Basic Package


Package consisting of seat, harness and rod. Production since 2007

Sport Fishing, Stand Up System - Basic Package

Package consists of gimbaled belt, harness and Rod. Production since 2007



Rods are gimbaled butts and designed for 20# line maximum. In production since 2007


Harness is designed to balance the rod with the gimbaled belt or gimbal in the seat.

The Chest size is important. Also consideration should be taken in the size of the persons arms. Normally a given chest size will have enough adjustments for several inches over the shoulders and around the chest to compensate for weight changes. The harness is designed with a ring in the back so that a leash or tie down can be installed to help stabilize the individual using the system.

Many people who are paralyzed from the mid body down may fall forward when fighting a fish. They need some sort of stabilization and assistance to avoid injury. A caregiver should always be with them in outdoors sports.

Specialty Harnesses

  We do a special harness to assist caregivers of the elderly and those with serious diseases who will benefit from the use of a harness.  We also
  manufacture a child's harness to assist parents in protection of their toddlers. 

Gimbaled Belts

Manufactured by third parties.

Fishing Seats

Type of seat fitting to correctly have the proper base on the seat. (Bass boat, Pontoon boat, River Jon, etc.)

Color Choices of Seat



















* National Color is Red Back, Blue Seat, and White Arms

Information about seat, It is constructed of 3/8 in high carbon steel for strength and durability, the seat has an exposed plywood bottom so attachments can be added without destroying upholstery. These seats are certified to 350lbs with a 100 percent over weight breaking point. The boat will not take that pressure and weight.

The bottom of the seat is designed to allow for attachments of support for the Bait ProPel’r, Oxygen tanks, heart monitoring equipment and other medical related attachments.

Electric Reel

NOTE:  All protective devises and electrical connections are removed to show the drive system.

he electric reel is a standard Zebco 808SW with a direct drive 12 volt electric motor with a 32 RPM for retrieval.

On Sale June 1, 2010.   It is powered from any 12 volt battery.   The reel is basically a Zebco 808 SW.  The motor turns at 32 rpm and the brake on the reel is set to allow a person moderate slippage for a larger fish. The unit has a safety switch to allow the unit to turn off if there is a line problem or if it retracts to the bobber. There is also a safety shutdown at the controls of the caregiver.


Toggle Control

                Released in June  2010 Our electric reel and Bait Propel’r will be controlled by toggle switch controls.

Casting System

Bait Propel'r.  A casting system for those individuals who can not move arms enough to cast. This allows the individual who does not have enough arm strength or movement to cast to be able to cast their bait with the aid of a caregiver without the caregiver doing the actual casting with the rod. Production as of June 2010

















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